Friday, July 20, 2012


Feel free to come kiss my rings, or my robes, or my feet, or my corgi's feet.  That's it though.  Try to kiss anything else and we're going to have a problem.  Perv.

Most of the blogs I read have one thing in common: a sense of humor.  They give me a laugh and often remind me not to take myself too seriously.  And while I'd always secretly hoped to end up on STFUParents Blog as a Mom's Gold Star, that's not quite how I made it onto the site . . .

That's right; I'm "Obsessed Mommy."  NOW BOW TO ME

It's not a gold star but I. Don't. Care.  I was just on one of my favorite blogs ever.  This is a blog that not only helps me to recognize and reign in my parental over-sharing tendencies, it also amuses the hell out of me.  AND I'M ON IT.  Again, I proffer you my rings. And my robes. And my feet.  The corgi has gone to bed.  Lazy bitch.

Even better?  I got in on the comment action.

I know you're having to squint, but I'm still learning.  I'm awesome; take my word for it.
 If you want to see the actual post and the lengthy comment thread, click here.  People have been really cool, especially when they realized how proud I was of my 15 seconds of fame.  SUCK IT, NORMAL PEOPLE.

So yeah, this is just a portent of things to come.  I'm going to be blog-famous someday (for my own blog), so you'd best jump on this bandwagon!  (Though if you're reading this, you probably already have so . . . stay on this bandwagon!  Don't listen to that creaking.  I'm sure the wheels are well-attached.)


  1. I'm apparently culturally deprived, even though I do most of my current communication by text: what the hell is STFU?

  2. And while I'm at it, I find this anti-robot thing highly annoying. VeryJapp? Seriously? VeryJapp 7? Seriously? Sounds like a good name for a blog in and of its own self? VeryJapp 7, an anime blog. VeryJapp 7, the sequel to ...what was that series True came home to watch every afternoon from MMS? A Japanese anime series in which all the kids had huge eyes and spiky hair and serious ariel (sp?) adventures, viewing only made possible because I had cable and he didn't, only HE had to program to record it, for I certainly couldn't have...given that I, at that time, was a 40-something technological neanderthal, not even able to set the clock on my oh, so, futuristic microwave, after any power outage! (not the word 'age' cleverly salted away in the word 'outage'?)