Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Administrative Bullshit

Since I'm going all "I know who I am" on you (cue the inspiring instrumental music and epiphanic montage), I figured I might as well lay out the way this blog is going to "work."

Guaranteed posts on Mondays and Thursdays.  Just trying to help you get through the two longest days of the work week.

Anything else (like this) is just a bonus.  LUCKY YOU.

If you comment, I WILL respond. (Yes, that is a threat.)

I'm not deleting comments unless they're spam.  Since almost nobody knows this blog exists, I'm not anticipating a deluge of broken English, "you meet hot millionaire here" comments and links.

If you have criticisms, suggestions, etc.  E-mail them.

I added jumps to the blog posts (including past ones).  Since some (okay, a LOT) of my posts run long; they were cluttering up the home page.

That's pretty much it.  Here, have a picture for making it through this post:

Steven Seagal will eye-fuck you into buy his album Source.

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