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What to Do With Comments That DON'T Verbally Fellate You . . .

Yes, I'm well aware this is my SECOND blog about blog comments (my husband refers to these as "meta" posts), but guess what?  I'M A BLOGGER THAT BLOGS ABOUT SHIT THAT MATTERS TO HER, and, seeing as I am a blogger, BLOG SHIT MATTERS TO ME.

I'm a blogger who uses Blogger; I am SO fucking meta. Source.


Anywho, the other day I saw a comment one of my friends made on a mutual friend's wall (Facebook just fucking ENCOURAGES you to stalk) that got me thinking.

That just about sums it up. Source.

My friends Chelsea and Mack are the photographic duo behind McGowan Images. Like most professional photographers, these two use a blog to show off their hard work and advertise for more business.  The McG blog also allows prospective clients a glimpse into the ideas, attitudes, and personalities behind McGowan Images.  This helps potential photographees more accurately judge if McGowan Images are the photographers for them, or if there's too much of an ideological mismatch.  (And you can snort in derision all you want, but being a good match with your photographer(s) MATTERS.)  That blog is a CRUCIAL part of Chelsea and Mack's business and it's filled with nothing but positive comments.

Everyone knows that "doors" is code for pedophiles. Source.


So the other day (yup, that "other day" I referred to earlier--I  told you I was getting there) Chelsea left a comment on BrittanyHerself's facebook page about getting "an awful, hater-y comment" on the McG blog.  Said comment was from a very determined asshat (please note the lack of quotation marks around asshat; thas my diction, bitches) who upon realizing "the comment wasn't showing up, . . . tried to post it again.  FIVE TIMES."  Chelsea then went on to thank Brittany for reminding her "that it's ok to be ME on the internet" and "that people who don't like it can take a long walk of a short pier."

Some of us would opt for a  less "professional" course of action. Source.

My initial, knee-jerk (brain-jerk?) reaction was, "Can't handle a little public criticism, eh?"

Hey, there's a REASON (and in my case maaaaaaaaaaaaaany reasons) humans have the ability to not blurt out the first catty, snarky, bitchy, thoughtless comment that pops into their heads.  And that's exactly what that reaction was, thoughtless--I literally had not thought about the situation.

Yes, I know; my reaction shows you what a lovely person I really am.(Seriously, have you not been reading this blog?  Pull your head out of your ass, or Fifty Shades of Grey, or wherever in the hell you've got it stuffed)

Or help Christian Grey pull his head out of his own ass, whatever.  Source.

Then my brain kicked in.  Come take a boat ride in my (recreated) stream of consciousness:

I wonder what the comment said.  I don't really agree with moderating comments.  I wouldn't want to moderate comments on my blog.  I mean, spam and trolls are one thing, but someone with a negative opinion?  Of course, my blog has nothing to do with my work.  Shit, her blog is a GIANT fucking part of her business.  What if my blog were how I advertised? Would I moderate then?  I mean, what business person in his or her right mind leaves negative comments on their page?  But what about constructive criticism?  Would that make you look like a "better" photographer?  Fuck, I have no idea what I think about this. 

Run, bitches, run! Source.

I don't know about you, but this happens a lot to me.  I'll have an instant reaction to something, and then I'll proceed to pick that reaction apart, trying to find out WHY I had that reaction.  Next, I'll work on figuring out what I really THINK of whatever in the hell is taking away from my Project Runway mental critique time. (D-SIGNUZ 4 LIFE, YO!)

I think this designer took a big risk using  mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal).
Not only is it a very difficult  and "stabby" material to work with, but it also
hasn't been "in" since 1991 (and isn't scheduled to be again until 2026).

One of my favorite ways to figure out what I think is to harass the hell out of others and find out what THEY think.  (This is especially necessary when others are in positions I'm not, such as having a blog as part of a business.)  So my first step was to harass Chelsea.  And since she's a good sport (who is never shy about voicing her opinions), she gave me a response--and her permission to use that response.

"I think comments that in any way lead to positive discussion are warranted on a personal blog. On a business blog, I think it's my right to get rid of what I don't like. I have only gotten like a half-dozen negative comments in 4 years, and at no point were they valid or reasonable. They were simple Internet meanness either directed towards my clients or myself. And they got the immediate block.

I've been on the receiving end of a comment deletion, when I thought I was adding to someone's reasonable discussion. That sucked. But I didn't get mad, because it was her blog, and her prerogative!"

Actually, it's his. Source.

I thought about asking other people as well, but hey, THAT'S WHAT I HAVE A BLOG FOR.  (That and fame-whoredom.)  Why pole individuals or risk getting lost in a FB feed when I can just ask however many of you have kept reading this far?  (I mean, there are bound to be some of you left . . . right?)

Here are the questions I'm considering in forming my own answer/opinion about blog comment moderation:

  • Should business blogs be treated differently than personal blogs?
  • How do you draw the line between moderation and censorship (if you believe there IS a line)?
  • Is this a case by case basis sort of thing?  General guidelines? All-encompassing rule?
  • What about the potential effects of comment moderation?  (Both what are they and will they have a positive, neutral, or negative effect on your blog/business?)
  • Do I think way too hard about this stuff for a blogger whose last two posts centered on a rap video full of ass-bouncing and recommendations to go pick up "dush"-using hoes at WALLY, WALLY, WALLY, WALLY, WALLY, WORLD?
Honestly? I've got the basics of my opinion down, but I'm not sharing until you do, so comment-up to show you give a shit.  (And by that, I mean express your own opinion, not comment "I want to know what you think."  You show me yours, I'll show you mine.) 

Actually, no.  Don't show me yours.  Ever. Source.

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