Friday, October 5, 2012

I've Been Busy, But Here's Some Randomness--From My Brain to Yours

K, I've been keeping really busy with this book I'm editing because OMG it needs a lot of work, further research, etc.  I'm still enjoying myself, especially as the author is super easy to work with and doesn't freak out about having to extend deadlines.  She cares about the quality of the book, PERIOD.

Since I've been devoting most of my non-Seth time to this project, I haven't really had a chance to write this week. AND I REFUSE TO NOT WRITE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, BECAUSE THAT IS JUST A DOWNWARD SPIRAL.  It'll turn into two weeks and then the next thing you know, Craig will find me crying in a corner, desperately scribbling on post-its, and begging the keyboard to "please, just take my dictation."

No time for a nice, full, cohesive post.  Here's the hodgepodge of my brain.

Maroon 5's "Payphone."

Love this song.  Seriously, LOVE to jam out to this song. Buuuuuut . . .

I'm at a payphone
Trying to call home
All of my change
I've spent on you

Um, Adam?  We don't really "do" payphones here anymore, so stop feeding all of your change to the (obviously) out-of- order relic on the corner.  In fact, you shouldn't even touch that thing.  TO THE DISINFECTANT AISLE.

Oh Adam, honey, no.

Office Issues

Since I'm spending an unholy amount of time in front of the computer, I bought m'self a new office chair.  It's cushy, and comfy, and awesome.  And my fat ass weighs it down into the carpet something fierce, so I need a chair mat.  You know what's really over-priced?  CHAIR MATS.  It's a piece. Of. Plastic. (with horrible little teeth on one side--amateur horror movie-makers take note)  But that's okay, because I live in the era of the internet and craft blogs.

^^^^ This is going to happen, and it's going to be epic . . . possibly an epic fail.  (Should that happen, there will be pictures.  Ooooooh the pictures there will be.)

Awaiting Rejection

I have a story to tell.  Some of you know the story, and some of you don't.  I submitted the pitch to Babble because, well, because I want to share that story and the lessons it mercilessly tattooed onto my brain.  Maybe it could help others, who knows?  And yes, I also still want to be internet famous (NOT infamous).  I mean, I'd LIKE to be author-famous, like NYT Bestseller famous, but I'm trying to aim for a bit of reality here.  And when Babble doesn't send me any reply, I'll try pitching it a few other places.  And then when THAT fails, I'll write the whole damn thing out anyway and go from there.  Because this is one story I refuse to give up on.

Yes, I'm deliberately not getting into any details of the story--and if you have your suspicions, feel free to ask me but NOT in the comments.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then no worries.  Once I get it published somehow, somewhere, you can read it.  But yes, I have absolutely no faith in the pitch getting accepted pretty much anywhere I'd like it to because blogs/sites/etc. people have actually heard of reject me on a regular basis--and by reject me, I mean I never hear from them, PERIOD.  (Busy sites don't have the time to send you a nice form, "sorry but you suck" letter like colleges do.  Of course, you also pay to apply to colleges so the least they could do is throw a little official letter head and toner your way.)

I mean, how am I supposed to emulate all those authors who kept their rejection letters and then framed them when they became famous?  DAMN YOU INTERNET.

Have a good weekend.  I'll be sitting in my new chair, zombified in front of my monitors, muttering something about pronoun-antecedent agreement and "DON'T COLLEGES TEACH THESE KIDS ANYTHING ANYMORE?"


  1. I totally want the plywood office chair thing, too, but I hesitate to make one due to the one image in my head every time I think about it: me, not paying attention, flopping down on the chair and it rolling--nice and easily now that it has a smooth, slick surface--across the room before depositing me face first on the floor.

  2. LOL. "Depositing me face first on the floor." Out-STANDING.