Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daily Blogging: Yet Another Flawed Idea Brought to You by My Inability to Hold Myself to Anything

So I think I found the flaw in this whole "writing a post a day" thing.  (Well, ONE of the flaws; I have no doubt there are others lurking just down the road, like an inbred hillbilly's tire trap.)

The idea was to get into the habit of writing every day, but some days (like today) I've worked on something other than a blog post--something I'm actually going to try to submit for publication somewhere.  I've done my daily writing, but I have no proof. And I'm not the type of person who posts her work (or work in progress) on the internet because I fear plagiarism or thievery.  I mean, a blog post is one thing (and let's face it, there haven't really been that many someone would want to take and claim as his or her own), but something I've been working really hard on?  Something I've been pouring myself into and sprinkling with writer-dust? Not gonna chance it. (Writer-dust is like fairy dust, but instead of giving you the ability of flight, it increases your vocabulary and written communication skills.  Still waiting for the Disney movie.)

And I could be like, "well, I'll just post on days that I don't write anything else."  Like I don't know what THAT will lead to.  I'll write a sentence or change a word in something I'm working on and ta-da, I've done my daily writing and you'll never hear from me on this blog again because I'm too busy "writing" other stuff . . . in my pajama pants while watching whatever incarnation of Project Runway is showing.

Not that another cessation of regular posting on this blog would be any great loss, but hey, isn't it nice to know you can come here on a daily basis and feel better about yourself and your own crazy?  Or maybe your own drudgery?

I may not have the most exciting of lives, but at least I don't narcissistically share my daily monotony with the world.

Always happy to help.

The blog's current primary purpose is to hold myself accountable while simultaneously training myself.  Getting to piss and moan, and whine and bitch sometimes are just perks.  The pageview numbers also help to fuel my self-esteem--even if they don't hit the double digits without a bit of pimping.  (And don't get me started on trying to figure out which posts I choose to publicly own up to on various social media.)  But once the training is done with and I've formed the habit, I need to focus the writing on, you know, GOOD stuff.  Stuff I actually edit and revise instead of skimming over once or twice before hitting Blogger's little orange "publish" button.

Am I going to let the blog and my daily vow turn into yet another self-forged chain around my neck? (Oh, OH or a self-forged ALBATROSS around my neck--mixed metaphor/literary reference FTW.) Past experience says yes, but hope says ohmygodpleasedon'tdothisAGAIN.

Yeah, I know I'm just going to have to suck it up and figure out a nice balance (something I'm soooooo good at), but until then, I'm going to piss and moan, and bitch and whine, because I have to enjoy the perks while I still can.

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