Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear Guy in My Yoga Class

Dear Guy in My Yoga Class:

First of all, it's pretty fucking awesome you're even here.  Do you have any idea the stigma associated with males who do yoga?  It's ridiculous.  I find it ironic that lots of guys put yoga in the "non-manly" category, when in reality, it's one of the toughest things men can do.  You guys kind of got the short end of the stick when it comes to natural flexibility, so it can be really damn tough at first--especially when you're in a class with a bunch of girls who bend themselves in half like it's nothing.

And that's another thing; it takes some serious stones for the average male to attend a class he knows is going to be 90 percent female--a class he knows he's not going to be too good at yet because he's a beginner.  You, my friend, went into a class not knowing what you were doing and knowing that you were going to be showing just how much you didn't know, how much you couldn't balance, and how much flexibility you lacked, in front of a bunch of women.  Considering how crucial it seems to most males that they always look their best, strongest, coolest, etc. in front of the ladies, I think it says a lot that you sucked it up and went anyway--alone, no less.  You didn't even come with a friend.  (Of course, maybe you didn't want anyone to know.)

You looked (and sounded) like you had a pretty tough time in class.  Hell, you reminded me of me during my first class--I couldn't balance for shit either.  This was only my third class, and you'd never know that a mere two classes ago, I looked just like you.  That's right dude, it starts to "work" almost immediately.  Crazy, huh?  And even though you seemed like you were getting a little frustrated (and who wouldn't when you feel like you can't even balance on your dominant leg for more than a second, because your muscles are all jelly like, and you foot is screaming "fuck you!" and jeeze it's hot and sweat is dripping into your eyes and my god how does that woman in the front row not only hold the pose the entire time but she's holding an advanced version of it), you just kept trying.  And that, my friend, is badass.  It's far too easy to get shaken, and tired, and frustrated, and just quit.  Too easy to walk out of the room or spend the rest of the class in Savasana.

Will you be coming back?  I don't know.  I really wanted to say something encouraging to you like, "I looked just like you two classes ago," or "that's awesome how you just kept trying; stick with it and it will get easier," but we're strangers and I'm afraid something like that will come across as condescending.  And that's the last thing you deserve to hear, something condescending.  You deserve the verbal equivalent of a fistbump or high five (or whatever in the hell people do now).  Unless you're the sort of person that shit embarasses, then maybe the verbal equivalent of a nod?

Bottom line?  No matter what you may think, you fucking rocked that class.  And I hope you decide to continue doing so.  Even if you don't know it (or don't want me to), I'm rooting for you.


P.S. Also, thanks for actually coming to work out and not just stare at our asses.

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