Sunday, May 12, 2013

Turnitin.com's Scheduled Maintenance is Damaging My Calm

I'm so close to the finish line.  All that's left is finals week . . . and grading, ALWAYS GRADING.

What's that you say?  Why am I not grading this very moment?  Well, I'd like to tell you that I'm choosing to prioritize my vow to write on here every day--that I'm transitioning from caring more about teaching to caring more about writing and that my time choices are a reflection of this.  But that would be bullshit.  Turnitin.com is down for scheduled maintenance, and since I'm the idiot that decided to technologically streamline my course as much as possible, I don't currently have access to any of the fucking assignments I need to grade.


Were there warnings?  Tweets?  Etc.?  Yes.  Did I put it on my fucking personal calendar so that I could make sure to work my grading schedule around it? No.  So yes, I'm aware that much of this is my fault, could have been avoided or at least considered, so forth, whatnot, mea culpa, and I still think it's one of the stupidest times to plan something like this.  

We're so close to summer, SO CLOSE, like end of the semester close (and it's not like there are any papers that need grading at the end of the semester right?  Teachers NEVER assign final papers), and I just wonder that if it's maintenance that could be scheduled, could you not wait just a liiiiiiitle bit longer to schedule it?  Like in the middle of a summer semester?

Yes, I know there's never a "good" time for a site to be down, but one that relies heavily on the business of academic institutions could offer a little fucking consideration.

And no, I can't even grade hard copies because I don't have them.  Everything is through the site.  I was trying to be green, to make things easier (turn your paper in whenever, wherever, even if you don't come to class!), to really make technology work for me.  SEE HOW PROGRESSIVE I AM!

Could I have downloaded the papers and graded them offline?  Probably.  But I'm a little distracted, what with it being THE END OF THE FUCKING SEMESTER.

Dear Turnitin.com,

I will not miss you.  I admit that your grademark function is pretty cool, but only WHEN I CAN ACTUALLY USE IT.

Yes, I'm pretty much just bitching and venting.  I'm sure it's good to get my feelings on paper, great practice, or some bullshit like that.  And it's a hell of a lot easier directing my anger at the website than anywhere else. ALL YOUR FAULT WEBSITE, YOU KNOW NO ONE PAYS ANY ATTENTION TO THOSE BARELY NOTICEABLE WHITE BOXES OF TEXT WARNING OF IMPENDING SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE.

Seriously though, I need it in big, red, obnoxious letters--preferably flashing--and with a countdown next to it.  I don't care if that looks tacky and unprofessional.  All I care about is having access to my papers on Saturday morning the week before finals week when my husband is out with my son and I finally have the peace and quiet AND the motivation to grade.  Even now, my son is napping, but can I grade? No.  That fucking FOUR HOUR maintenance window ends riiiiiiiight about the time he gets up.

It's a good thing STFU Parents doesn't publish blog posts, or I know someone would submit that last part to her.

You know, a lot of times I agree with her and the ridiculousness of the statuses, but sometimes--especially lately--it feels like she's really stretching, like, picking on something that isn't really that crazy.  But hey, I sure as hell don't always hit the mark . . . whatever that mark is anymore.

And if you're wondering, yes, I AM periodically checking to see if tii.com has come back up.  Because I will ditch this post in a heartbeat if it means I can get more grading done and get closer and closer to this semester's finish line.

I am proud that I stuck with it.  There were a few days I was seriously considering making up some sort of family illness and telling my boss, "sorry, but I'm out."  But a) I believe in karma and b) I'd like to still have some sort of self-respect for myself  so that I might instill some in my child.  I mean, it will make a greeeeeat teaching story someday, right?  "Mommy was miserable, and rather snippy--just ask daddy--but she stuck with it, while trying her best not to make everyone else's life a living hell, because that's what grown ups do, they take responsibility and suck it up and try not to end up divorced, arrested, or in a padded cell.  I suggest you enjoy your childhood while you can."

I know, I should write children's books, right?

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  1. PREACH! What kind of fucktards are running that place? A bit of consideration regarding maintenance scheduling would be appreciated. I guess they figure that teachers don't work on the weekend...especially not at the END OF THE SEMESTER!